Dentures in Tampa, FL

Dentures are removable prosthetics that are intended to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. There are various types of dentures available, including complete dentures or partial dentures, both of which can be made to be removable or permanent and are designed to fit your mouth. Thankfully, with today’s technology, many people will be unable to tell the difference between natural teeth and dentures.

Complete dentures are primarily used when the entire upper, lower or both set of teeth need to be replaced. A complete set can either be either a standard method or immediate.

Partial dentures, however, typically revolve around one or more replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic base and held in place in the mouth by connected metal framework. A partial denture is used when there is one or more natural teeth remaining and is intended to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth and it helps to prevent other natural teeth from changing position, which can lead to gaps in other locations.

The standard method is to make the prosthetic teeth after your natural teeth are taken out and the tissues of your gums have begun to heal. They are ready to be placed in the mouth about eight to twelve weeks, following the removal of your teeth. Immediate dentures, however, are made before the removal of your teeth and can be put in place as soon as your teeth have been removed.

Immediate dentures are usually requested by people who prefer not to be without teeth while healing. While immediate dentures are beneficial due to the short time you might be without your prosthetic, your gums and bones gradually shrink, so they could require several adjustments for proper fitting.

Dentures in South Tampa

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